Plan B – Chapter 11

Lufkit Spaceport

In which the First Speaker makes a quick departure.

Nova is usually so self-possessed that it’s all the more striking on the rare occasions when she’s out of her depth. On Liad, where the cut-and-thrust of combat is more often metaphorical and verbal, she’s a cunning and doughty warrior; when it comes to this more literal form of battle, although she’s clearly prepared some for the possibility, she doesn’t have the same level of experience.

2 thoughts on “Plan B – Chapter 11

  1. Ed8r

    PA: she doesn’t have the same level of experience.

    True, but I found myself surprised by and appreciative of how competent and quick-witted she is—even out of her element.

  2. Ed8r

    This third time through, somehow I had completely forgotten that she and Liz leave together and end up working together! It was a delight to discover this connection forming when all I consciously remembered was from their respective positions/responsibilities later on Surebleak.

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