Plan B – Chapter 19

Jelaza Kazone

In which Anthora counts stars.

Re-reading in chronological order, it’s easy to lose track, but I think this might be the first published appearance of the Tree in person, as it were, although it’s appeared a time or two as an impressive object on the skyline. Likewise, I think this is the first published mention of Cousin Luken, whom Val Con neglected to mention to Miri a few chapters back.

(And no mention of Cousin Luken’s obligate heir, who in the entire series has only been mentioned once, and that in a story set many years before this; I suppose we must take it that in this present she no longer stands among the surviving members of the Clan.)

I’m not entirely sure of the identity of the extra person whom Anthora can’t put a name to. All things considered, I think it’s probably her uncle Daav, who is “momentarily beyond the clan”, as Val Con told Miri earlier; she’s never met him in person, since he left Liad before she was born, so she wouldn’t have a personal familiarity to match the impression to. (Supporting this conclusion is the observation that the authors found an excuse to remind us of his existence earlier in this same chapter.) But I don’t know how much we’re supposed to read into that bit about it being “at the extreme edge of her ability to read”, and sometimes that leads me into more esoteric speculations.

2 thoughts on “Plan B – Chapter 19

  1. Linda Shoun

    I was thinking Ren Zel, though she has not met him yet.
    As she is seeking those she loves, maybe that is the reason Daav does not enter into her list.

  2. Paul A.

    Another possibility that fits the “extreme edge of her ability to read” hint is Jen Sin yos’Phelium — which would argue a considerable amount of forward planning, or excellent luck, on the authors’ part, since “The Space at Tinsori Light” wasn’t published until much later.

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