Due Diligence – Chapter 7 again

In which there are pirates on the loose.

Yes, apparently this novella has two Chapter 7s.

“Jumpy as a cat with one kitten” is an interesting turn of phrase, particularly as applied to Chi and considering the situation that brought her into this story.

I was a bit amused that, after Fer Gun spent the last chapter concentrating on preserving the cargo, Chi’s first instruction is to leave it behind. But of course the two priorities aren’t really incompatible; she’s not saying to abandon it entirely. If the cargo passes the inspection, they’ll be able to take it and deliver it, and that will be thanks to Fer Gun.

3 thoughts on “Due Diligence – Chapter 7 again

  1. Othin

    Trust Chi to make decisions – and to arrange for a careful balance against her spouse’s cousins who took so much care to meet her husband. As to the jumpy cat – who has to remind herself that at least Karil is experienced and competent – I’m not surprised. Also this makes me think of – the cat that got the cream – and the way Chi reacted when she saw Fer Gun dressed up at the signing.

    Fer Gun is still worrying to do the right thing and to use the right measure. The order to leave the cargo – is putting things into perspective after his anxiety about it. Demanding to place the cargo bay under seal because the warehouse-staff allowed the cargo to become compromised in the first place is an elegant balance for taking bribes. Even though Fer Gun doesn’t see it at the time.

    Also nice to see the teamwork, trust and beginning friendship between Fer Gun and Karil. I’m somehow relieved that Karil offered to accompany Fer Gun and to read the papers together with him but not to take care of them for him.

  2. Ed8r

    PA: “Jumpy as a cat with one kitten” is an interesting turn of phrase

    Interesting and confusing. What makes a cat with one kitten any jumpier than a cat with 2 or more kittens?

  3. Paul A. Post author

    Presumably a cat with only one kitten is particularly concerned that nothing happen to it. (Especially since cats don’t have single children for the most part, so the most likely way for a cat to have one kitten is if she started out with more and then lost them.)

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