Neogenesis – Chapter 9 part I


In which Inkirani Yo lays out the next move.

If there truly are multiple instances of the Uncle loose in the galaxy, each with their own interests and contacts, how do they decide which is the Uncle? I suppose the obvious answer is that at any given moment there is one who lives in Vivulonj Prosperu and hangs out with Dulsey, and that one gets to decide who his successor is, but it’s fun to speculate about less plausible options.

The partnership continues, for now. Tocohl does not trust Inkirani, and does not value her safety except in so far as it’s important to the success of the mission. Inkirani very likely reciprocates.

For a moment, I wondered if it might work better to have Tocohl approach Dosavi Mikelsyn, if he disliked Lyre agents so much. But it would have been necessary to mention Inkirani’s involvement, if only when the question of payment came up, and an independent logic who associated with a Lyre agent would probably get a frostier reception than a Lyre agent who had acquired a complex logic. And bringing Korval’s name into it would probably do more harm than good.

I wonder how Inkirani was planning to get access to Dosavi Mikelsyn before she met Tocohl. Perhaps that was one of the spaces in the plan where the directors were like “we’re sure you’ll come up with something”. (“Or else.”)

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  1. Skip

    I have not been able to find an excerpt that tells us what “dosavi” means. It’s not a real word, either, far as I can tell. Any ideas?

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