Degrees of Separation – Chapter 4

Low Port

In which Don Eyr achieves a separation.

I wonder what Har Per’s lady friend sees in him? It’s clearly not his sparkling personality. Perhaps it’s that she appreciates what he sees in her.

I joked about the idea of Surebleak being safer than Low Port, but there’s something to it. Even at its most lawless, Surebleak still had people looking out for each other, something that happens more easily for Terrans than for Liadens, whose culture emphasises looking out for one’s self and one’s close connections first and everyone else never. There are exceptions, Jax Ton’s household being one of them, but they are even more exceptional on Liad than they would be on Surebleak.

It is presumably just a coincidence that one of the kitchen staff, Vessa, has the same personal name as a baker on Surebleak. Vessa Quill is Surebleak born and bred, and I would be very surprised to learn that she had ever set foot in Solcintra.

In fiction, ingenious conditions often exist only to be unexpectedly met, but I think in this case Don Eyr has come up with a solid set of conditions that the current Delm Serat will never agree to. The next Delm Serat, if the clan survives long enough for there to be another Delm Serat, may be more open to negotiation; but in that case I think Don Eyr might be more willing to be negotiated with.

2 thoughts on “Degrees of Separation – Chapter 4

  1. Othin

    The Intention of Separation is quite a nice thing. There might be several People on Surebleak willing to file if they find themselves called home. It might also be a useful tool for Clanmembers suspecting their Delm to have fallen under DOI influence. Should Win Ton’s Delm get any notions or being pressured – e.g. by Liaden Scout’s – to call Win Ton home – that might be a good way out.

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