Dragon Ship – Chapter 32

Ynsolt’i Approach

In which Ynsolt’i is back off the agenda.

My response to the Department’s claim of being “proper representatives of Liad” is a rude noise, but I wonder how much the Ynsolt’i authorities believe it.

The pilot from Metrose is another addition to the gallery of one-off characters who make an impression in a single brief appearance, the more impressively for appearing only as a voice. (That sentence was slightly trickier to put together than I expected when I began it, because I realised partway through that the pilot also belongs to the set of characters whom the authors have not burdened with gendered pronouns.)

2 thoughts on “Dragon Ship – Chapter 32

  1. Othin

    How did DoI get Eylot info and info of a supposed Cloak? Is Ynsolt’i / Liad/DoI somehow involved with Eylot – or does Liadphobic Eylot somehow work with DoI?

    Some of the ships doing the evacuating might have spread a rumor about Bechimo’s cloaking (unlikely?). But only Eylot vessels could have given the data that supported that rumor – since all evacuating ships had appeared after Bechimo. Or had the DoI been watching the Eylot situation in some hidden location? Or was rumor enough for Ynsolt’i military to fall in with DoI?

    Also – who on Ynsolt’i is aware/supporting that Ynsolt’i military is relying on DoI assistance?

  2. Skip

    How will the Council of Clans respond to this, now the DOI is stating openly who they are, and who they represent? (In I Dare, Solcintra Tower didn’t even know Dept of the Interior exists). Proof that Korval and allies weren’t making it up

    “Bechimo, Korval cannot aid you here. You must cease firing and permit us to board. We are from Liad’s Department of the Interior. Your only hope to survive this system is to turn yourself over to proper representatives of Liad!” Clarence muttered; Theo cursed, and found Kara looking at her.

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