Alliance of Equals – Chapter 4

In Jump

In which there are consultations on matters of healing.

Yay! We’re getting more of Tolly and Tocohl and Haz already! I’d assumed that it would be another whole book before we found out what happened to them next. (I see that Hazenthull, like Nelirikk, has traded in her Explorer designation for a “nor’Phelium”.)

When Tocohl speaks of her mentor, I think she’s referring to Val Con. Strictly speaking it was Jeeves who oversaw her awakening (and isn’t that a thought to horrify the framers of the Complex Logic Laws, an AI being taught how to be human by another AI), but he said that to save time he basically gave her a direct download of what he’d learned from his own mentor. And while he must have had another mentor back in the long-ago time that he was first activated, much of what he knows about smooth social interaction he learned from Val Con. The specific trick of pausing as if to consider is one we see Val Con teaching him in “Intelligent Design”.

This is the first mention of ‘mite since the Jethri books. I wonder if that’s a sign other elements from the Jethri books will be reappearing.

There is definitely something up with Padi, but not yet enough clues to start guessing about what.

3 thoughts on “Alliance of Equals – Chapter 4

  1. Ed8r

    PA: When Tocohl speaks of her mentor, I think she’s referring to Val Con..

    I had assumed she meant Jeeves, but your logic is convincing.

  2. Ed8r

    What about this rumor of a very old AI recently awakened? Does this point toward Tinsori Light? And if it does, why is the rumor that it is recently awakened…I thought Tinsori Light had been awake all this time?

  3. Paul A. Post author

    Well, not all this time, continuously: much of the time it’s been hibernating or off in another universe or whatever it does when it’s not active. And the few people who have encountered it while it was active usually didn’t survive to carry the news back to the wide universe.

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