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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 24 (I-IV)


In which yos’Galan and Carresens begin an exchange.

The other thought I’d had about the people on the cover — in fact, the first thought I had on seeing it, and the only possibility I’d seriously entertained before Mar Tyn and Dyoli showed up — was that it was Padi accompanied by a new character we hadn’t met yet. I’d been becoming less confident about that possibility recently, as we got so far into the book without encountering any new character who fit the bill. I believe we have him now.

(I’ve commented before that I seem to have a tendency to ask questions and make guesses one chapter before the answer shows up. I consider that this says good things about how well paced the books are.)
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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 11

Dutiful Passage

In which Padi makes connections and Shan receives news from home.

The looper families Shan mentions are among those who have appeared or been mentioned in the Jethri-era stories: the Smiths were the first family to have norbears travelling with them, the Tragers were friendly with Jethri’s family, and the Wildes did that ill-fated bit of experimenting with Old Tech.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 68

Six of Us
Daglyte Seam

In which further discussion is called for.

What with one thing and another, Scout Commander yos’Phelium is going to have some ‘splaining to do when the report of this day gets filed.

Claidyne has an advantage in talking to the Assembly, in that she she shares with them the experience of having been a captive intelligence and then given the ability to choose, in a way that not many humans do.

Accepting the Lance – Chapter 51


In which the Pathfinders discuss progress.

The cats are making themselves at home. I wonder if they intend to become members of the crew as well.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 50

Six of Us
Daiellen System

In which Sye Mon and Bon Vit are brought up to speed.

The Daiellen Sector is Surebleak’s neighbourhood, so these two haven’t travelled all that far — or else they headed back once they discovered where the war machines had been sent. Either way, it means it wouldn’t take too long for them to join in with the convocation at Benoo Three if for some reason their presence was required in person.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 44

Port Road

In which Val Con and Miri go house-hunting.

So, Val Con went to tell Pat Rin what was up while Miri Robertson went to tell the portmaster. Makes sense.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 8


In which Bechimo is unhappy.

My immediate reaction to Theo wondering why Val Con wants a future for Free Intelligences was “You have met Jeeves, haven’t you?” But I suppose that’s not a full answer; after all, Jeeves already had a specific judgement recognising him, so the new broader judgement might not make a lot of difference to him personally. But he’s not the only Free Intelligence Val Con knows; for one, there’s Tocohl. Come to think of it, I don’t think Theo knows about Tocohl yet.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 7

Jelaza Kazone

In which Bechimo’s crew prepare for action.

Stost is missing the crew and seems like he’d welcome a chance to serve on Bechimo again, but hasn’t yet reached the point of coming right out and saying so except possibly to Chernak. Chernak might feel the same, but seems to be trying to talk herself out of it. Both of them are probably used to thinking that it’s not up to them where they get assigned, which would have been the case in the life they’ve left behind, but here and now I reckon if they expressed a preference it would have more effect than they’re used to.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 6

Jelaza Kazone

In which Theo has breakfast.

I wonder if we can read anything into the order that names come to Theo’s mind when she’s thinking of who she’d miss if she severed ties with Korval. Probably not much that we didn’t already know. Her father was obviously always going to be first, and she spent a lot of time hanging out with Luken last time she stayed at Jelaza Kazone, so it’s not surprising that he’s second.