Accepting the Lance – Chapter 38

Jelaza Kazone

In which there is a new mission for the Pathfinders.

If Spiral Dance is being taken up again, one hopes that Nova didn’t re-engage all the safety features, or at least left her delm with instructions on how to disengage them at need.

One also wonders if anybody’s going to be provoked by yet another instance of a ship taking off from Korval’s back yard instead of a proper shipyard.

1 thought on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 38

  1. Ed8r

    I was just excited to see the Pathfinders deployed and to see Spiral Dance—Old Tech that is still viable—going where the action is.

    However, I am reminded that we never did get the full story of Nova’s experience remembering Grandmother Cantra, when she flew from the field to the Port. We know she had one of her “rememberings” because she had to ask Cheever to relay that information to Val Con. I hope the authors have a short story in mind to fill in that gap.

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