Accepting the Lance – Chapter 37


In which it’s time to call in the professionals.

I’m amused by the bit where Theo compares the current gathering to a faculty meeting.

If Bechimo does decide to pursue, as a long-term project, the question of how many devices from the old universe are still wandering around in the new, that might provide a reason beyond personal preference for the two Pathfinders to rejoin the crew.

1 thought on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 37

  1. Ed8r

    As I first read the published book, I was soooo glad that a paragraph plus a few words from the eARC had been changed. The paragraph was an exact repetition of one from the previous chapter on Bechimo, and it had my head spinning, because it seemed as if the authors had decided to move it, but then had forgotten to delete it from its other location. In the midst of trying to define that problem, I totally did not register the significance of Theo relating to the clamoring devices as to a faculty meeting.*

    Even now we have from the previous chapter with Bechimo: “What are you? We know your scars! What are you now?” But in this chapter it has become “Who were you? I recognize your scars—”

    (*When had she attended a faculty meeting?)

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