Accepting the Lance – Chapter 71


In which Bechimo is free to fly.

As I said at least once before, way back near the beginning of this project, it’s always something when fictional characters have philosophical discussions about whether their life is proceeding according to some pre-ordained plan.

It wouldn’t be at all true to say that Bechimo‘s visit to Surebleak accomplished nothing, of course, but I notice that they’re leaving with the Pathfinders they were planning to drop off, and the cat they were planning to drop off, and the tree they were planning to drop off, and even the ship they were planning to drop off…

4 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 71

  1. Othin

    Oh they added a second cat and achieved a new destination to fly to and Bechimo’s captain flies not only as a Korval contracted trader but as part of what Korval is becoming, too. The Korval ties have strengthened quite a bit, not only for Theo but for Bechimo too. He now would never again suggest asking Korval for payment when they have helped out.

    And Clarence has shifted from a potential thread to a fertile mind and respected crew on his sister’s ship in Val Cons opinion. More trust all around.

    I just wished Kara would have been able to ask Korval for help with her mother and delm. I believe dea’Gauss might have done some good in the Eylot situation. And maybe this would have led to Korval – Juntavas cooperation, just for this project of smuggling people out. How Cantra would have laughed.

  2. Ed8r

    I was glad the Pathfinders were with them, but I hadn’t thought of it as you put it, Paul. Irony.

    One of my favorite bits of humor from the entire book is in this chapter:
    [Theo says:]
    “I think you’re playing at Semantics.” “Perhaps,” Bechimo said.”Would you care to play again later?”

    Othin: Yes, that’s an interesting suggestion. Worthy of another short story, maybe? Too bad the authors don’t accept suggestions from fans. 🙂

  3. Paul A. Post author

    I just wished Kara would have been able to ask Korval for help with her mother and delm.

    I don’t think it would have occurred to her to ask, even if a clear opportunity had presented itself. She’s the character who takes Liaden clan rules and traditions seriously, and one of those is that you just don’t ask another clan’s delm to solve your own clan’s problems.

    She might, at some point, mention something to Theo about being worried about her family that inspires Theo to want to help, and from a starting point like that it could go anywhere

  4. Othin

    Tradition – Kara’s Clan is pilots and mechanics – and Korval … has a tradition to spread its wings about those. Didn’t Theo go to Korval for her pilot-problems just out of that tradition? And I think yos’Senchul even said something like this – I’m just not sure if that was within Karas hearing or not.

    But you are right I don’t see her asking Theos brother or Miri. Meddling Anthora though – didn’t run into her and Anthora is just too busy with her own problems right now. I guess I somehow hoped Clarence would find a way to mention that mess.

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