The Gate That Locks the Tree – Act 8, Scene 1

The Gate
Enter Nelirikk and Jarome

In which Vertu and her passengers make it within the gate.

Jarome, it turns out, is another character who is in the cast list twice, once for his first appearance in person and once for when he becomes someone known by name to the viewpoint characters.

I don’t know if it’s because she’s in the middle of a conversation between Liadens when it happens, or if she’s still Liaden enough in her head that it would have happened anyway, but I note that when Vertu’s viewpoint refers to Miri it names her as “Miri Tiazan” and not “Miri Robertson”.

2 thoughts on “The Gate That Locks the Tree – Act 8, Scene 1

  1. Ed8r

    Paul; Vertu’s viewpoint refers to Miri . . . as “Miri Tiazan”.

    I noticed and wondered what the significance was, especially since she first recognizes Miri and Val Con as “Korval Themselves.” But then the first word out of her mouth is to call Miri and/or Val Con “Boss,” which is utterly Surebeakean. OTOH, I recall that we saw Miri be introduced to the Portmaster as Miri Robertson when she wanted to interact from a personal melant’i rather than an official one.

  2. Skip

    “there is an entire buffet in the breakfast room.  Mrs. ana’Tak would have it no other way.  I believe there are cookies, and also soup, and biscuits, wine and juice.”

    soup and biscuits. sounds nice on winter night, but not my definition of “an entire buffet” — I gotta say, these authors need to look at a fancy menu sometimes. It’s always soup, I noticed.

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