Accepting the Lance – Chapter 64

Six of Us
Daglyte Seam

In which there are arrivals and departures.

I don’t like how the narrative keeps reminding us about Anthora’s dagger.

The Master Healer’s statement that it’s easier help someone believe the truth than to make them believe a lie reflects back to the circumstances of the Commander’s departure; the truth that the Healers were conspiring to depose her would have made a solid grounding from which to nudge her response in a useful direction.

Pilot ser’Trishan’s distress over Rys felt a bit excessive to me. What I mean is that it seemed a bit excessive for Pilot ser’Trishan in particular: I didn’t feel like there was anything in previous chapters that laid groundwork for her to be so concerned.

There was another thing that I thought about saying a couple of posts ago, and didn’t because it wasn’t as clever: Claidyne’s promise of an orderly shutdown of the base may not be possible to keep with a fleet of vengeful Old Tech headed their way.

It depends on who precisely the fleet have their sights set on. If, for instance, they’re specifically after the Commander, they might be turned aside by the news that the Commander has decamped. If Claidyne gets a chance to tell them. If they believe her.

5 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 64

  1. Ed8r

    PA: a fleet of vengeful Old Tech headed their way

    I’m happy to say that this point had finally occurred to me somewhere around my fifth or sixth reading—maybe. During the first few readings, I remained confused about these groups of Old Tech persons, even about this point that they split in two and why. Because of that confusion, any plot tension about this point was completely lost on me.

  2. Skip

    Nice bit, Isahra talking with Claidyne:

    Claidyne gave her a wry smile. “We shall certainly need to find a more imposing title for you,” she said.

    “Do you think so indeed? I rather like general support. It has a bland malevolence that I find particularly pleasing. Rather like Department of the Interior.”

  3. Ed8r

    I liked that bit too. So appropriate to compare the bland malevolence (great imagery!) of that designation to the DOI.

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