Accepting the Lance – Chapter 94

Jelaza Kazone
Tree Court

In which Miri has had a long rest.

I wonder about the yellow, orange and red flowers with the peppery smell. The description reminds me of the nasturtium flowers my mother used to grow and use the edible parts in salads. As I recall, they had a peppery taste, but I don’t remember what their smell was like.

The “my own lady holds my soul” conversation turns out to have been foreshadowing not only Rys’s fate but Val Con and Miri’s — but it was Val Con holding his lady’s soul, because we’ve already had the novel that ended the other way around.

I admit that I significantly undersold the effect of Miri getting shot at close range with something resembling a shotgun. My thinking was that it couldn’t have been that bad if Miri was to recover in the number of chapters we had left.

Rys’s recovery scene and now Miri’s have both had comments on the impatience of the convalescent. I wonder if that’s at all influenced by the various dramas the authors have been having lately.

3 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 94

  1. Ed8r

    Paul: I wonder if that’s at all influenced by the various dramas the authors have been having lately.

    Ha-ha! Thanks for the good laugh, Paul. If I had to guess, I would say that it very well could be the case! Regarding the red, yellow, and orange weeds: the colors are right for nasturtiums and they certainly “grow like weeds” in mot places, but I agree, I’ve never heard that their scent opens up the airways.

    I don’t believe it was until we got to this book that we’ve seen the Tree devising different-size pods for different purposes. We know Daav had described the Tree as a biochemist, but it seems as if now that they’re on Surebleak, and the Tree has been stimulated by the move, that its approach is often more like a doctor providing medication targeted to specific needs.

    I was very interested in Emissary Twelve humming again. We had heard Edger and his brothers sing in earlier books, and singing is also used for growing crystals on their homeworld. But Emissary Twelve seems to use humming as her method. She hummed in response to trouble while still driving to the port. She hummed while looking for the Portmaster and Survey leader and then hummed to disable the weapon. Now she’s humming to heal Miri by causing Miri’s body to exude the MemStim. I loved seeing that the Tree then helped by creating a breeze to suck the powder up and away from Miri’s skin.

  2. Ed8r

    An-n-nd I forgot to mention that, yes, it is confirmed that the note from “Miri” to be read at the announcement of which candidate was voted to be *the* Boss of Surebleak had actually been supplied by Val Con before she was quite well enough to write one for herself.

  3. Skip

    It’s not clear to me how Nelirikk fared in the attack that nearly killed Miri. Was he injured? Did he blame himself for not protecting her better? We never hear anything more about him in this chapter or the epilogue. Diglon drives them to the YoLanna party.

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