Trader’s Leap – Chapter 28


In which it’s too late to keep hiding under a bush.

This might be the last appearance in the book of the word “vas’dramliz”, the Liaden word for the “small talents”, so I’m going to take this opportunity to share an observation: given that we know what “dramliz” means, vas’ must be the part of the word that signifies “small” or “lesser” — so it’s curious that we know of at least three Liaden surnames with the same prefix. Mae Nir vas’Urbil, in “Degrees of Separation”, is a chef, which might suggest that families with that prefix tend toward lower class jobs. (Menolly vas’Anamac is a scout and Kin Jal vas’Tezin an appendage of the Department, so we don’t have any idea of their families’ social status.)

It was mentioned, back when the history of the Redlands was first unfolded, that Ixin as well as Korval had helped in the migration of the vas’dramliz, but I didn’t have a particular reason to note or remember it at the time. Now I’m thinking that’s another reason for Dyoli’s maneuvre to be beneficial to both clans: a combined Korval-Ixin trade mission might be considered more auspicious than a Korval trade mission alone.

Director qeenLemite might wish to keep quiet about sending the ping signal to the bounce station, now that it’s become moot. The Council might take it into their heads to blame her for the arrival of Dutiful Passage, which given my understanding of the timings involved would not actually be fair — but, given my understanding of the timings involved, she might actually be responsible for attracting the attention of the Reavers.

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  1. Skip

    Just a thought on prefix vas :

    Suffixes that mean small or little sometimes also can convey affection or endearment. Munch-kin, Mollykin, doggie, laddie, sweetie, darling, duckling, Baby, Timmy, Bobby, etc.

    Prefix mini conveys small but not necessarily with connotations of diminished or lesser — mini-van, mini-skirt…

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