Trader’s Leap – Chapter 27

Dutiful Passage
Rostermin Breakout

In which Shan yos’Galan reads his mail.

Shan’s statement about “our time in this space” implies that he thinks Lute can’t manifest on the ship while it’s in Jump. I can’t think of anything specific to give him that idea, and he may just be fishing, but on the other hand I don’t at the moment recall any specific event that contradicts it.

The Traders Guild’s rank rings seem to have been simplified over time. In Jethri’s day, a newly-licensed trader would begin with a ring decorated with crystal quartz, then get promoted to topaz, and only then to garnet (with each garnet on the ring having to be earned individually), and thence to amethyst. Neither the quartz nor the topaz have been mentioned in any of the modern books, and from this chapter it seems like it’s now just garnet for a trader and amethyst for a master.

About that garnet ring: the ship is not physically stopping at Rostermin, only passing within email range, so Shan can’t have bought it after receiving the letters from Trader Denobli and the Guild — he must have already had it on hand, anticipating that Padi would earn it before the end of this voyage.

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  1. Othin

    Hi Paul, thanks for pointing out the simplification with the ring system. I forgot about that – but still felt something less than satisfied with Pady just getting the garnet.

    I’m not sure about your “our time in this space” – comment. But thinking back I don’t remember how I understood it.

    A happy and especially healthy new year to everyone! Since there have been some good things happening within the last week (Brexit deal, Corona – vaccine, and finally a more profesionall and moral leader for the US) my hopes for the new year are up.

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