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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 32

Colemeno Port
Great Hall

In which it may be accounted misfortune to lose one kinsperson, but two looks like carelessness.

Betya seelyFaire’s account of her ancestor’s reasons for coming to the Redlands have a noticeable resonance with Dyoli’s reasons for doing likewise.
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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 31

Dutiful Passage
Colemeno Orbit

In which the visitors prepare to be received.

I wonder if the cats had anything interesting to say in their nameday greetings, or if Jeeves just translated their message into human-polite.
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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 30

Portmaster’s Office

In which the Redlands prepare to welcome visitors.

I can see several potential problems with the Warden’s plans to keep the off-worlders and Civilization at arm’s length.
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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 29

Dutiful Passage
Colemeno Orbit

In which Moonhawk is impatient.

Shan doesn’t seem to distinguish between Moonhawk and Priscilla’s Goddess, but I still think that the Goddess when she answered Priscilla’s prayer earlier had a distinctly different personality.
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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 28


In which it’s too late to keep hiding under a bush.

This might be the last appearance in the book of the word “vas’dramliz”, the Liaden word for the “small talents”, so I’m going to take this opportunity to share an observation: given that we know what “dramliz” means, vas’ must be the part of the word that signifies “small” or “lesser” — so it’s curious that we know of at least three Liaden surnames with the same prefix. Mae Nir vas’Urbil, in “Degrees of Separation”, is a chef, which might suggest that families with that prefix tend toward lower class jobs. (Menolly vas’Anamac is a scout and Kin Jal vas’Tezin an appendage of the Department, so we don’t have any idea of their families’ social status.)
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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 27

Dutiful Passage
Rostermin Breakout

In which Shan yos’Galan reads his mail.

Shan’s statement about “our time in this space” implies that he thinks Lute can’t manifest on the ship while it’s in Jump. I can’t think of anything specific to give him that idea, and he may just be fishing, but on the other hand I don’t at the moment recall any specific event that contradicts it.
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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 11

Dutiful Passage

In which Padi makes connections and Shan receives news from home.

The looper families Shan mentions are among those who have appeared or been mentioned in the Jethri-era stories: the Smiths were the first family to have norbears travelling with them, the Tragers were friendly with Jethri’s family, and the Wildes did that ill-fated bit of experimenting with Old Tech.
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Trader’s Leap – Chapter 4

Dutiful Passage
Approaching Jump

In which the Master Trader and his apprentice return to work.

According to my notes, this is the first substantial mention of Gordy — not counting a couple of times when people have mentioned him while running through the members of Clan Korval — since I Dare. I hadn’t realised it was that long.
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Accepting the Lance – Chapter 72

Jelaza Kazone

In which Korval catches up on the morning news.

There seems to me to be a lot of book left for where we’re at.
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Alliance of Equals – Chapter 14

Vivulonj Prosperu

In which there is a recruiting of copilots and seconds.

The first mate is another Tiazan, this time not one we’ve met before. I think she may well be right about a bit of real flight being what Padi needs to sharpen her piloting; I also think that, the situation being what it is and the rules of drama being what they are, any actual attempt at flying away from the ship is likely to result in More Plot.

The Master Trader, meanwhile, seems to have decided that Padi also needs some real flight to sharpen her trading. I wonder if that’s a consequence of what happened at Chessel’s World, somehow, or if it was something he’d have started her on anyway at this point in her apprenticeship.