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Dragon in Exile – Chapter 35

Boss Nova’s House
Blair Road

In which Vel Ter jo’Bern appreciates art.

The drunken ne’er-do-well has a good name; an earlier Vel Ter jo’Bern was the head of House Hedrede during the Migration, and one of the negotiators on the Contract.

It’s nice to see the crisis pass with good feeling on all sides, though I do wonder if Vel Ter is able to view the situation with some distance on account of the distance that exists between himself and his clan; I suspect Delm Hedrede will be less appreciative of Luken’s artistry when the news reaches him. But less inclined to do anything about it, so there’s that.

Dragon in Exile – Chapter 34

Audrey’s House of Joy
Blair Road

In which Quin and Villy go for a stroll.

Well, that settles the question of where Quin really stands with Villy. I might have guessed it, if I’d thought; given the delicacy of Villy’s situation, that’s not a decision that would have gone by off the page.

The Tansy whom Villy offers to introduce Quin to is presumably not the same Tansy who was one of Syl Vor’s classmates in Necessity’s Child.

My guess about the loud guest at the end of the chapter is that somebody has recognised the new carpet on the staircase.

Dragon in Exile – Chapter 26

Office of the Road Boss
Surebleak Port

In which Val Con pays an educational visit, and Miri has a visitor who just won’t learn.

Val Con is interrupted twice as he gets to saying “Now, I wonder–“, so we never do find out what it was he was wondering.

I think it might be too much to expect that all Val Con will find at the Road Boss office when he arrives is Miri grumpily shutting down her computer. Even if Smealy wasn’t inclined to push matters, his shadow is likely to have something to say (although whether that means that Val Con will arrive to find Miri under attack, or just to find Smealy bleeding out on the front doorstep, I’m not sure).