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Shout of Honor – Chapter 5

In which Commander Sanchez offers her assistance.

Of course, there’s also something to be said for being obvious.

(Though I stand by my distrust of obvious and tidy conclusions. We’re still some distance from any kind of conclusion, and if Vepal’s suspicions about his own emotions are correct, this development at this time makes the situation less tidy rather than more.)
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Shout of Honor – Chapter 4

In which Erthax exercises his creativity.

From some authors, I would say that Vepal and Sanchez are obviously being herded in a particular direction. From these authors, I tend to be more cautious of expecting obvious and tidy conclusions.
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The Gathering Edge – Chapter 12

Seebrit Station
The Sweet Rest Hostel

In which Ambassador Vepal pursues his necessities.

It doesn’t surprise me that Vepal has an Explorer’s training. Imagine an ordinary Yxtrang officer trying to do this job!
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