Accepting the Lance – Chapter 68

Six of Us
Daglyte Seam

In which further discussion is called for.

What with one thing and another, Scout Commander yos’Phelium is going to have some ‘splaining to do when the report of this day gets filed.

Claidyne has an advantage in talking to the Assembly, in that she she shares with them the experience of having been a captive intelligence and then given the ability to choose, in a way that not many humans do.

5 thoughts on “Accepting the Lance – Chapter 68

  1. Skip

    I’d say the authors have clarified a key chunk of the last 60 chapters, in one straightforward paragraph:

    She inclined her head. “As I understand from my experts out there, these machines incoming were deployed by the former commander. Arriving at her chosen target, they began to question their orders. They discussed the matter among themselves and decided that the orders were in error. They are now returning to…correct the error.”

    Amusing bit here:

    “Free intelligences are obligated to obey laws. A free intelligence that chooses to become a pirate will suffer a pirate’s fate, as one who acquires employment will enjoy the benefits of all intelligences who work and contribute to society.”
    She kept her eyes averted, not wanting to observe Scout yo’Vremil’s face while she discussed these matters with an abomination. “Have you further questions, Kordele Orgham?” she asked…

  2. Ed8r

    Another one—also at the expense of yo’Vremil—is when Claidyne thinks he sounded even less pleased, which she would have not considered an option bare moments before.

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