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By reader request, an index of the works covered on this blog, with links by which one may go immediately to a particular work.

Note that works appear in this list in the order they were covered, which is not always the same as the suggested reading order I settled on afterward; in some cases, I didn’t have a clear picture of where a story fit until after I’d (re-)read it.

Additional notes:

1. Conflict of Honors and Saltation were each covered, for reasons that seemed good to me at the time, in two sections with other works intervening. The index below includes links to both the first chapter of the novel and the first chapter after the intermission.

2. The link for Carpe Diem goes to the end of Agent of Change; this is deliberate. The first chapter of Carpe Diem is a word-for-word reprise of Agent of Change chapter 25, so I covered them both in a single post.

Not yet covered: Fair Trade (scheduled to be covered during the run-up to Trade Lanes), Salvage Rights
Not yet published: Trade Lanes, Ribbon Dance

For a list of non-canonical stories that will not be covered here, see the last paragraph of this post.

35 thoughts on “Links to individual works

  1. Paul A. Post author

    [change log: added Cutting Corners and Due Diligence] (which is an amusing juxtaposition when you see them next to each other)

  2. Skip

    Where will you place SHOUT OF HONOR in this timeline? After Gathering Edge obviously, but before or after NEOGENESIS?

  3. Paul A. Post author

    Well, this particular list is by publication order of the blog entries, so it goes on the end.

    Thanks for the nudge to update the lists.

    [change log: added Shout of Honor]

  4. Ed8r

    Speaking of nudging . . .
    Is it time to add the latest two: “Excerpts from Two Lives” and “Revolutionists”?

  5. Paul A. Post author

    Whoops, I thought I already had. Thanks for the nudge.

    [change log: added “Excerpts from Two Lives”, “Revolutionists”]

  6. Ed8r

    Paul, I just noticed that the link in the list above, for Scout’s Progress, shows only one s instead of 2 for Progress/?

  7. Ed8r

    Paul, I need your help to figure out the most efficient way to find any post for the last chapter of a book. I thought I could just choose the next story or the first chapter of the next book and then navigate in reverse, but I tried that for Dragon in Exile and found that strategy doesn’t always work. Perhaps there’s something obvious I am missing…suggestions?

  8. Paul A. Post author

    No, that’s currently the best way to do it.

    For what it’s worth Dragon in Exile is probably the single worst one to try it with, because it’s the end of the re-read and was followed by a whole bunch of non-story wrap-up posts, so if you start at “Wise Child” you have to click back through all of those.

    …come to think of it, though, some of those wrap-up posts are pinned on the home page, so if you ever need the end of Dragon in Exile again, here’s the shortest route: on the home page of the blog, click on “Acknowledgements” in the blue box of useful links, then scroll down to the previous-post link, which will be “Dragon in Exile – Epilogue”.

  9. Ed8r

    This page needs to show Accepting the Lance . . . or were you going to wait until you can also add “A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom” and The Gate that Locks the Tree?

  10. Paul A. Post author

    [change log: added Accepting the Lance; added A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom; added The Gate That Locks the Tree]

  11. Skip

    Just a reminder to add the newest publications — The Wrong Lance (splinter, non canon), Ambient Solutions chapbook, and Trader’s Leap novel, released 3 days ago.

  12. Paul A. Post author

    And what do you propose I link to, since I haven’t yet posted an entry for any of those?

  13. Paul A. Post author

    [change log: Neogenesis outtake has been officially given the title “Opportunity to Seize”]

  14. Ed8r

    Just curious: When will we see a listing for Fair Trade, and more to the point . . . when should I look for a the chapter by chapter blogging of this one?

  15. Paul A. Post author

    [change log: added Standing Orders, added Songs of the Fathers, updated list of works not yet covered]

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