Neogenesis – Chapter 1 part II

In which there are many meetings.

Many meetings, and more reintroductions, and an innocent request concerning grapes that may or may not turn into something larger.

In the second section, we are reintroduced to Daav, Pat Rin, Surebleak’s reputation, the Juntavas offer, Korval’s future, Shan and Priscilla, Yulie, Rys, Nova’s household, and the weather satellites, with some further talk on Theo and Kamele.

As far as I recall, Theo doesn’t know yet that her mother has come to Surebleak. That’s going to be an fun reaction to see.

Speaking of Kamele and fun reactions, Val Con doesn’t seem to be much worried about how Kamele will react when Daav returns. Of course, he smoothed over the main lumps when Kamele first arrived, and he was able to explain matters in a way that made sense to Kamele — and he doesn’t know about the new lumps the situation has acquired along Daav’s journey.

Val Con’s assessment of the Juntavas offer is interesting, to see what is and isn’t considered open to negotiation.

It seems to me that Rys’s reasons for being off-world are described in less detail than they might be, which perhaps suggests that it’s not going to come up again much in this book.

It’s been long enough since we last spent time among the Bedel that I don’t immediately recall which of her older sisters Kezzi is speaking of.

2 thoughts on “Neogenesis – Chapter 1 part II

  1. Ed8r

    PA: I don’t immediately recall which of her older sisters Kezzi is speaking of.

    In my second reading (the only reading in chronological order), I couldn’t recall her name, but I definitely remembered her garden and Rys’s efforts to improve her lighting and also their attempt together to grow grapes (which were good only for raisins).

  2. Paul A. Post author

    There are two of Kezzi’s sisters mentioned in this chapter. The one that’s a gardener and tried to grow grapes with Rys is Memit, but she’s the one Val Con mentioned. The one Kezzi mentioned, who is a Healer, is… probably Droi? I’m still not sure.

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